Dr. Ray speaks frequently around the country, both to private and public organizations and groups. If you wish to contact Dr. Ray to speak at your special event, feel free to do so by going to our contact page or phone (330-903-8019). Many of Dr. Ray’s speaking engagements and seminars are to corporations and trade association conventions which are by invitation only. However, all of the events listed below are open to the general public and all are welcome.

If you are booking Dr. Ray for a speaking engagement, please view our Press Kit.

This schedule is typically posted two months in advance.

2014 Speaking Schedule 


8  Cambridge, OH  Kelly  740-630-5041

26  Milwaukee, WI  Christine  414-578-7535


9  Des Moines, IA  Mike  515-282-7729

13 Sterling Heights, MI  Mary Lou 540-636-9990

21 Amarillo, TX  Joe  513-593-0089


25-26 Chicago, IL  Mary Lou 540-636-9990