Radio Broadcasts

Listen live to “The Doctor Is In” on Ave Maria Radio or on EWTN Radio. 1-2PM, EST., Monday-Friday. Call 1-877-573-7825 during the show.

Dr. Ray is carried on the EWTN Radio Network, which includes Sirius/XM channel 130, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn.

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Many of you would like to participate in the call-in programs, even though you’re not currently within the range of any of our stations. You have two options: One, you can move to a city with an affiliate; or two, you can call 1-877-573-7825 toll-free during the shows. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Just let our call screener know your preference.

You can find archived broadcasts at the following site:
“The Doctor Is In” – Ave Maria Radio

Listen to Dr. Ray’s "Man"ologues from "The Doctor Is In" Radio Broadcasts