Season 3 Episode Summaries

Living Right with Dr. Ray – Season 3 Episode Summaries (2014)

Episode 1 – Production Order 8

“Coaching for Life”

Former University of Notre Dame head football coach Gerry Faust shares his deep Catholic faith and explains how as a college and high school coach it helped shape his career and mold the lives of the young men on his teams. Fr. Larry Richards cites the Catechism as he talks about the spiritual dangers of self-seeking notoriety in his Living the Faith segment. Dr. Ray uses viewer questions and a Living It Out dramatization to show the value of honesty in the family.

Episode 2 — Production Order 6

“Catholics and Grief”

Kristi and Mark Tripodi, a Catholic couple whose 3-year-old son died suddenly, walk through their profound grieving process and how through prayer it led to the founding of a much needed center for grieving children, teens, and adults. Dr. Ray smacks down TV reality shows in response to a question from a viewer, and advises parents not to pay attention to them or to compare themselves to the characters who appear on those shows. His live studio audience engages Dr. Ray in a conversation about respect, and Fr. Larry Richards provides advice on Living the Faith, as he delves into the Catechism to find what is tells us about forgiveness.

Episode 3 – Production Order 3

“Men and Women”

Dr. Ray deals with issues concerning Catholic couples. Included is a fascinating interview with pro-life physician, Dr. Margarita Lassaletta, OB/GYN, who practices with the teachings of the Church in mind. In our Living the Faith segment, Fr. Larry Richards finds wisdom about the relationship between men and women in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. And a couple trying to win the Discipline Debate, sees what it is like actually Living It Out. All this, while the kids themselves stand up in the live studio audience and pepper Dr. Ray with their questions.

Episode 4 – Production Order 2

“Anti-Catholic Relatives”

One of the toughest family issues of all, relatives who do not respect the Catholic Faith, is the subject of Dr. Ray’s “Real People, Real Lives” segment involving a number of people dealing with the situation. Long time high school principal Jim Naegeli navigates the issue of teens keeping their Catholic faith while attending public schools, while advising parents about school choice and cost. Fr. Larry Richards, in Living the Faith, explores the importance of moral decisions in life, and how the Catechism calls us to live that life in Christ.

Episode 5 – Production Order 11

“Issues Facing Older Catholics”

Growing more mature presents more challenges and critical decisions today than ever before. In this episode, Dr. Ray welcomes back Rita Marker of the Patients’ Rights Council, with an update on the latest medical, legal, and ethical issues every Catholic who is getting older must see. A panel of Catholic grandparents continues the conversation about their changing role in the family in a segment of “Real People, Real Lives.” Fr. Larry Richards opens the Catechism to explore the Natural Law, and its critical importance in the lives of everyone, young and older.

Episode 6 – Production Order 1

“No Apologies”

Do you owe your kids an apology if you discipline them badly? Dr. Ray provides the surprising answer in this week’s Living It Out feature. Oncologist Dr. Ronald Sobecks, a noted physician at one of the world’s premier medical facilities, explains how he blends his deep Catholic faith with his professional practice, and discusses his book, Divine Mercy, Triumph Over Cancer. Fr. Larry Richards teams with Dr. Ray and uses the Catechism as a guide to Prayer in Living the Faith. And should you lower the standards you set for your children, or is that “Advice Worth Ignoring?”

Episode 7 – Production Order 5

“Second Child Syndrome”

When you’re the kid in the middle or just the second of two, what kind of expectations should parents have – for themselves and their second child? Dr. Ray’s entertaining manologue on that very subject kick starts today’s program. Special guest Kelly Lynch, who spent a career in children’s services, talks about children raised by people other than their parents. Moms and dads facing the question of whether to get cell phones for their kids hash it out in Real People, Real Lives, and Fr. Larry Richards extols the virtues of Christian charity as he shares his wisdom on how to keep Living the Faith.

Episode 8 – Production Order 10

“Wake Up Call”

Dr. Ray delves into his own vast child raising experience as well as into his professional expertise to help problem solve one of the most frustrating problems parents face: bedtime. See how it plays out in Living It Out. Also, he is a father and a grandfather, was married and widowed, was a successful businessman, and now is a priest. Fr. Bill Browne leads viewers on his unusual faith filled journey to his call to the priesthood and how his life experiences enrich his vocation. Older adults dealing with depression is the topic of Dr. Ray’s Senior Moments segment, and Fr. Larry Richards extols the importance of the Holy Eucharist in Living the Faith.

Episode 9 — Production Order 13


What’s one of the most important roles of husbands and fathers? Dr. Ray says it’s to protect their wives, not from lions and tigers and bears, but from disrespectful children. The benefits of learning this lesson will extend from your parenting into your marriage. Special guest Rachel Benda of Bethesda House of Mercy talks about healing and hope for people wounded by abortion. Fr. Larry Richards continues his discussion on forgiveness, and how the Catechism of the Catholic Church calls us to follow the example of Christ. And Dr. Ray, who has 10 adopted children of his own, sorts out which advice to follow and which to ignore when it comes to issues related to adoption.

Episode 10 – Production Order 9

“Help, I Spoiled My Child”

A group of parents who have “been there, done that,” talk with Dr. Ray about the universal issues of how much is enough when it comes to providing for your children, where to you draw the line, and what happens when you really have spoiled your child. Real People, Real Lives has rarely been more “real.” Dr. Ray’s special guest Mike Gallina, the long time superintendent of a suburban public school district explains how values can be upheld and how students who are serious about their faith don’t have to compromise in a secular environment. As Fr. Larry Richards counsels viewers on the Catechism and adultery, a viewer poses a tough question to Dr. Ray about how her father’s affair still affects her years later.

Episode 11 – Production Order 12

“The D-Word”

One of the most destructive words to assault a marriage is the “D-Word,” divorce. In fact, Dr. Ray says its utterance alone can evolve from the possible to the probable to the preferred. A real life scenario demonstrates why couples should dump the D-word from their marital vocabulary. Fr. Larry Richards calls viewers to holiness and starts with an examination of why the Church is Holy. And a Catholic mom raising a daughter with significant disabilities shares her inspiring story.

Episode 12 – Production Order 4

“Sibling Quibbling”

Nothing lets the air out of an otherwise peaceful home than the constant bickering among brothers and sisters. Dr. Ray engages parents experiencing various levels of “sibling quibbling” in their homes and offers advice on toning down the volume. Fr. Larry Richards continues the familial theme with a look at how strengthening the faith and keeping family ties close go hand-in-hand. And Dr. Lawrence Nichta, a Catholic psychologist and therapist, uses his Christian values in a variety of settings to help individuals and families to “have life and have it to the full.”

Episode 13 – Production Order 7

“Women in Charge”

How much authority should women assert in the family and beyond when it comes to matter of the faith? A group of faithful, successful women talk about taking the lead in keeping their families rooted in the Catholic faith. Dr. Ray continues the discussion with two women who converted to Catholicism after living for decades in the Amish community. One has entered religious life. Fr. Larry Richards joins the discussion with a fascinating insight into baptism and what it means for every believer. And in our Senior Moments, the heartbreak of seeing a family member, especially an adult child, leave the faith.