Forgiveness is not foremost a feeling. It is foremost a decision, a conscious act of the will. And that’s good, as over life’s long haul, the will is a more stable guide than the emotions. If one waits for bad feelings to subside on their own or for good feelings to replace them, forgiveness, at a minimum, will be delayed, if not abandoned indefinitely.

Resentments and agitations reverberate much longer if we don’t give forgiveness a chance. Forgiveness is not just good for the forgiven. It is as good, if not more so, for the forgiver.

No single act can relieve the corrosive aftereffects of anger than an honest act of forgiveness. To be sure, forgiving is hard, especially when the offender isn’t sorry. Only one thing is harder: not forgiving.

Fighting Mad — Practical Solutions for Conquering Anger Page 150
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