Q&A of the Week

In this week’s featured Q&A — from his book “Fighting Mad – Practical Solutions for Conquering Anger” — Dr. Ray shares advice for mastering anger.

“Master or Mastered?”

Q: Dr. Ray, When I get angry, it just feels like I can’t control myself.

A: The 1970’s comic Flip Wilson had a signature line: “The devil made me do it.” Theologically speaking, the claim is faulty. Practically speaking, the claim has believers.

Many view anger, for example, as a sort of emotional demon that takes possession of them over their better nature. Bad conduct, commanded by extreme emotion, is something that, however temporarily, runs beyond the limits of their everyday self.

Suppose, at the peak of your outburst, I were to approach you, a million-dollar money order in hand, promising, “Get control within three seconds, and this is yours.” No joke, no lie, a legitimate offer, one that you believed… READ THE THE FULL Q&A

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