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Q&A of the Week

In this week’s featured Q&A — from his book “Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime” — Dr. Ray explains that it’s possible to discipline your children even if you think it’s too late.


Q: My children are ages twelve and eight. I realize now that I have not disciplined them well. When is it too late to change?

A: Are you asking about changing you or changing them? It’s not too late to change you on the day you leave this earth. It’s pretty much too late to change them on the day they move away from your home. That said, it does get harder to change all of you the longer you stay the way you are. If you intend to change anybody, it’s best to start right now. Time will only make change harder for everyone.

If a youngster is not maturing well, most moms and dads realize it at some point in their parenthood. And some, like you, resolve to change things. But they are nagged by the worry that they’ve lost too much time. They’ve gone in the wrong direction too long. The die is cast.

The die may have been cast. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up and roll again. First, some kids have temperaments… READ THE FULL Q&A

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